Lion Lion

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written by Miriam Busch
Balzer + Bray, 2014

“Sly, dark humor for little ones—at its best.” – Kirkus

“A killer combination of twisty wordplay, kid-perfect watercolors, and characters that demand funny voices, Lion Lion is a read aloud sure to leave your audience delighted and you just a little hoarse.” – Margaret Willison, NPR Best Books of 2014

“Beautiful pencil and watercolor illustrations…With sophisticated humor and an ingenious twist, this story begs to be read and reread.”– Indie Next List Great Reads (Erin Barker, Hooray for Books! Alexandria, VA)

I don’t like Lion Lion it’s very ugly. I like it too. That’s lion.  He’s looking at the boy. He wants to eat him. The boy doesn’t look in the lion. He’s looking for Lion, but the lion is behind the house. The lion doesn’t want to eat the grass because he doesn’t want to eat the turtles. He’s so rude. The turtle snapped him. The boy asks him if he wants mushrooms and berries but the lion says, “Too stinky! Too pokey!” The boy is trying to find what the lion wants to eat. Not flowers or seeds. He wants to eat him! The boy. Then the boy goes in the lion’s mouth! Then he finds a cat with the mouse inside the lion! Then the lion sneezed out the human, he sneezed out the boy! He was looking for his cat! My favorite picture is the cat inside lion’s mouth. I like the skunks too and everything in the picture. Lion is not the lion; Lion is the cat; he was looking for the cat! — Reviewed by Liesel, Age 4