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★ School Library Journal
…Dialogue with expressive pen-and-ink and watercolor art reveal the characters’ changing emotions, and beginning readers will find ample opportunity to infer action and understanding of the characters through the art.

Day’s watercolor and pen-and-ink illustrations present two cuddly critters in a woodland setting with lots of close-ups of their facial expressions. White space effectively showcases the antics of Bree and Abe, allowing readers to easily follow their adventures. Children may enjoy pointing out each of the delimited letters in every word of the tale.
A cautionary tale that adults can take on one level but that children will enjoy at its most basic. (Picture book. 3-5)

Beware!, has been chosen for the 
2020 ILLINOIS READS Birth-4 Years list

About Beware!

Abe is a rare bear. Bree is a wee bee. Bees and bears aren’t supposed to be friends. So when Abe and Bree meet up one day, they both panic.

Every word in this book is made up of the five letters in the title–B, E, W, A, and R. Cool, right?



Releases, October 8, 2019