Williams House

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written by Ginger Howard
Milbrook Press, 2001

“…Double-page spreads include detailed watercolor paintings on one side and readable text on the other. Each text page also includes a delightful, small pen-and-ink drawing of the boys (and dog) playing, building a lean-to, fishing, watching wild geese, and enjoying the snow. As the narrative tells of the building and rebuilding of the house, the illustrations relate another complementary story. Careful observation of the accurate paintings lends perspective and information on daily life and items from clothing and tools to furniture and children’s play. This unusual picture book works on several levels, making it worthy for both recreational reading and as an introduction to the period.” -Pamela K. Bomboy, Chesterfield County Public Schools, VA, School Library Journal

“…Day’s engaging watercolors show details of house building and of colonial family life, as clever, black-and-white insets on text pages follow the adventures of William’s two sons. A book that is as engaging as it is informative.”  Connie Fletcher, Booklist

“…The first-time illustrator provides attractive watercolor paintings of the construction from beginning to end, but suffers from the same excess as the author. This colonial home is chock-full of furniture and furnishings that would be the envy of many longtime Williamsburg residents….” -Kirkus