Allstate: Mr. Mayhem

Allstate Mr Mayhem original key frame  copy 2
Allstate Mr Mayhem

Mayhem wouldn’t exist without Larry Day’s storyboards.  When we were first presenting the campaign to Allstate, Larry’s drawings made Mayhem feel real.  They perfectly captured…gleeful enjoyment of destruction. 

On every project Larry…has worked on, he captures the essence of the emotion we want to create in a way no other artist has.

Jeanie Caggiano, EVP/Executive Creative Director

Larry …is one of the best I’ve ever worked with. He ‘gets’ characters. …he doesn’t just draw a bunch of generic people playing out some scene; he creates characters in a story.

Mayhem is the perfect example. From the first board, the clients knew who this guy was going to be. That was crucial to getting the campaign sold.

Matt Miller, Copywriter